Step 1. Once we have received your instructions we will send you a Personal Information Questionnaire to complete and return to us. We will then be able to request an initial Redemption figure.

Step 2 . We will also require some money on account in order that we can obtain an up to date copy of your title register from the Land Registry.

Step 3 . We will review the title and then await receipt of your new mortgage offer. We will also obtain an information only redemption figure to tell us how much is outstanding on your current mortgage(s).

Step 4 . OFFER RECEIVED. When we receive your new mortgage offer we shall check it and verify that any special conditions have been complied with.

Step 5 . If everything is satisfactory we will send the Mortgage Deed to you for signing and return. We will also obtain a final redemption statement from your existing lender and will send it to you to verify. We can then set a completion date.

Step 6 . COMPLETION. We will receive the money from your new lender. With these funds we will pay off your existing mortgage(s), deduct our legal fees and disbursements and then pay the balance (if there is one) to you. If there are no title issues we can normally complete the new mortgage within five working days of receiving the mortgage offer.