Step 1: Once we have received your instructions we will send you:

  • A Personal Information Questionnaire
  • A Property Information Form
  • A Fittings and Contents Form
  • And, if the property is leasehold – a Leasehold Information Form

You must complete these forms very carefully and provide accurate information and full answers to the best of your knowledge. These forms will be sent by us to the buyer’s solicitors and the buyers may be entitled to take action against you if you provide incorrect answers.

Step 2: We will obtain a copy of your Register of Title from the Land Registry. If you are selling a flat it would be helpful if you could let us have a copy of your Lease. If not we can obtain a copy from the Land Registry.

We will provide the buyers’ solicitor with evidence of your title to prove that you own the property and to show them any conditions, covenants or rights that affect the property.

Step 3: Once we have received all of the above we will send an contract pack to the buyer’s solicitor. This consists of:

  • Your completed forms
  • Evidence of title
  • The draft sale contract for approval

Step 4: We will then await a response from your buyer’s solicitors and respond to any queries raised. We now have to wait until the buyers are ready to proceed to a formal exchange.

Step 5: Once we know that the buyer is ready, or almost ready, to exchange we will ask you to sign the contract in readiness. You may either attend the office where your legal advisor will go through the details of the contract with you, or we can send the contract out to you for signature.

Step 6: EXCHANGE. If you are happy with everything we are now ready to exchange contracts. At this stage the completion date becomes set in stone and the contract becomes binding. You can now confirm the arrangements and dates with your removal company.

Step 7: We shall now contact your mortgage lender (if you have one) to obtain a final redemption figure calculated to the completion date. We shall also ask you to confirm any estate agents fees and ask you sign the transfer.

Step 8: COMPLETION. This is the day that you actually move house. We will receive the sale proceeds from your buyer’s solicitors and use this to pay off your mortgage and to pay the costs of the sale i.e. your estate agents fees and our legal fees. Any remaining money will be sent to you, unless it is being used to fund an onward purchase.

Step 9: When you vacate the property you should deposit the keys with your estate agent, unless other arrangements have been made. Once we have received your funds we will instruct the estate agents to release the keys , the buyers now own the property and can move in. Ideally you should aim to vacate the property before lunchtime.